Greetings, program!

…and hello, world!  Here’s the first “official” post to the CGOApps blog, thanks for taking the time to stop and read.  I’m an airline pilot by day, and an iOS App Developer by…night?  I released an app called “Bingo Fuel” ( to the iOS App Store in April, 2013, and the main purpose of this blog is to document the process of creating the app – from concept, code, testing, use, and marketing.

Much of what I would consider interesting might not be to everyone reading, so I’ll really try to keep the posts short and sweet, and I’ll also try to integrate as much as I can from my day job, especially as it relates to the Bingo Fuel app and my ongoing projects.

“Bingo Fuel” is really a pretty simple application, but I did encounter a few major headaches in coding — I’ll make sure to spotlight those and post code snippets and my solutions, if there’s interest in that.  Without further ado, set the wayback machine to Winter, 2009, and away we go, on to the next blog post!



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